Q) When are you building these tiny homes?
A) Right now, we are raising cause awareness by hosting live jazz events. The GoFundMe page goal is to introduce this cause to over 1M gracious givers asking for a $5 donation to build 350 plus tiny home units; a multipurpose center, several 50 Bunk Bed Facilities, a Vegetable Garden, etc…

Q) How much have you raised so far?
A) Less than 45 tickets have been sold for three events totaling $1500 each. I have been paying out of pocket this far. We need to sell at least 75 tickets to break even.

Q) What’s the targeted goal?
A) To purchase land by July 2021 and start building in Jan. 2022. Funds are needed to pay the grant writer and to purchase 501c3 status also.

Q) Where are you building these tiny home communities?
A) Wherever God plants us. Someone could donate the land. Would love Phase I to be in DFW TX, but rural areas, outskirts work as well.

Q) What about transportation?
A) Entrepreneurship: The goal is to purchase cars for several Villagers, allowing them to use their vehicles for Uber/Lift, for themselves and Villagers.

Q) What Percentage?
A) 33% Vet / 33% Single Moms / 34% Aged-Out Youth.
True Blessing: Would be if you assisted in our efforts by, supporting, sharing via social media, your work, praying, donating, by being our eyes and ears. Sharing if you see land for sale, or donated land. Volunteering your time to search for grants, land, etc. Moving from a poverty mindset to a prosperous state of mind!

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