Building Tiny Home Ecovillage Communities

What is an Ecovillage? A community whose inhabitants live in a way that has minimal impact on the environment? An ecovillage is a traditional or intentional community with the goal of becoming more socially, culturally, economically, and ecologically sustainable. It is consciously designed through locally owned, participatory processes to regenerate and restore its social and natural environments to include the *Garden of Compassion – Food Forest.

We truly believe in the potential individuals within these communities, (the Villagers) to find solutions that are driven by heart, not profit. How can we live high-quality, low-impact lifestyles that heal and restore, rather than destroy our environments? How can we give back rather than take more?

Small lifestyle changes like growing and eating healthy food, using renewable energy resources, recycling, gifting, sharing, or reaching out to a neighbor, can all be starting points. *Self-Governed:

These TOJ Villages will be self-governed, meaning residents use the democratic process to make decisions about how the community is operated and managed. A contract with the City of Dallas will regulate how the site may be used, and a Community Agreement and Village Manual outlines internal policies and procedures. TOJ Villages provides ongoing oversight and support. Each week residents will be expected to complete *10 volunteer hours* and attend the weekly village meeting.

During these meetings, residents discuss issues of common interest and vote on policies and procedures for operating and managing their Village, providing a sense of belonging.

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