Building Tiny Home for Homeless Single Moms

It’s a sad fact of modern life that the number of people without a permanent residence to call their own is growing dramatically. According to the National Coalition for the homeless, children under the age of 18 made up 39% of the population of homeless shelters, and 42% of those kids were younger than five. In addition, single mothers with minor children are the fastest-growing group of people needing services from homeless shelters.

That means that an awful lot of people reading this blog have faced, or will face in the future the possibility of homelessness. If you are dealing with this, the most important thing you can do is to secure shelter for you and your children for tonight. If you can, secure it for after that, too, but sometimes you just need to deal with the immediate situation, before you can think about tomorrow. If you’re not sure where to go, contact 211 and they should be able to tell you the contact information for homeless shelters in your area. If you prefer, you can also find a list here:

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