Building Tiny Homes for Homeless

I volunteered with a local homeless organization to hand out food, give a toothbrush or two. “Yawl when I saw this man come from underneath this bridge to get food and toiletries from this organization, I almost lost it.” Apparently, this was his home for the past several months.

Deep in the woods, there are men and women living comfortably in tents or sleeping on dirt. Mother’s Day weekend 2021, I picked up roses and chocolates. Never thought I would be handing a rose and candy to ladies living in tents in the woods, living in their car, and literally underneath bridges.

I truly believe the Lord sent me there for a reason… to make hast in building homes for the homeless. This is the reason for the TOJ Homeless Project. We host events, raise awareness and funds, to purchase 20 plus acres to build tiny homes for homeless veterans, single moms, and age-out youth. As an event/marketing artist, I use my passion to fuel my desire to fulfill my destiny to build Tiny Home Ecovillage Communities for the homeless. Your seed/support, belief in the cause allows us to keep going… This is the reason for our next Soul Food & Jazz Party Boat Benefit Cruises. Date: Thursday, July 29th, 2021 from 6 to 9P, Grand Prairie, TX.

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